Reviews of Top 3 Harley Davidson Dating Sites in 2016

Reviews of  Top 3 Harley Davidson Dating Sites in 2016

Reviews of the Top 3 Harley Dating Sites in 2018

Online Harley dating site is the best and most easy way for people who own and love riding Harley motorcycles such as Forty-Eight, Fat Bob, Switchback, Breakout, Softail Slim etc. to find their special love. Harley dating sites not only help you find a perfect match, but also connect you with other people with the same interest and lifestyle as yours. We will list top three Harley dating websites here and write some detailed review advice to help you find the right one working best for you.

#1 Harley Dating Site is the No.1 Harley dating site online for Harley riders who are still single looking for love. It is a professional dating site specifically focusing on helping Harley singles including both single Harley men and women, find life partners and riding friends online. If you are a Harley motorycle rider looking for a long-term relationship with a local biker single, is your perfect choice. The site is part of a great network of 500+ offline motorcycle clubs. This make the website qualified for providing quality dating service to people living with biker lifestyle.  With tens of thousands of registered Harley riders and about 200 new registered users very day, HarleyDatingSite has become one of the most popular dating sites for Harley guys and ladies. If you are riding alone on a Harley motorcycle, it is the right place for you.

#2 Harley Davidson Dating is the No.2 Harley Davidson dating website for Harley women or men to meet up for love and more. The site is a new yet attractive USA Harley Davidson dating website which is becoming more and more popular day by day. Today, the open road and the Super highway may not be there to meet that rising communicating requirements of Harley riders , so more and more virtual online community are emerging for people who have a passion for riding. is just outstanding there amoung the options. Although among many customized dating webistes in the biker dating category, most people are pleased with how professional the site is. The Harley Davidson Dating site declares that it is built by Harley riders and for Harley singles, and they know relationships and motorcycle culture very well. It is everything it ought to be: easy-to-navigate and easy-to-us.

#3 Harley Davidson Singles is the No.3 dating websites for Harley singles including single Harley women & men and those who would like to ride as a Harley passenger. It provides a special dating service which is a combination of biker dating business and Harley Davidson culture. You can even treat it as a Harey social network since many people there are looking for riding partners for friendship. The site was just founded in 2012 for the purpose of not only connecting Harley Davidson Singles all over the world so as to help them find lifetime Harley match, but also offering dating tips about how to be a Harley riders, how to date with a Harley man, where to take a passenger rider, and when to meet a online friend for dinner. Join Harley Daivdon Singles is very easy. Once you have placed your dating profile within two or three minutes, you can start to search though tens of thousands of local Harley riders.

How to have a successful Harley dating experience?

As much as Harley motorcycle dating has gained a booming popularity among a tremendous amount of Harley motorcycle singles who are looking forward to leading a lovely life featured by Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle with a compatible Harley biker rider. But when it’s time for Harley motorcycle enthusiast  to put themselves out there, numerous Harley dating problems arise which make the Harley motorcycle dating life of a great number of male and female Harley singles much more harder. Harley singles, especially those who are new to Harley biker dating world, often complain that they have no skills in successfully maintaining a long lasting and meaningful Harley motorcycle relationship. According to them, the potential motorcycle riders of Harley Davidson bike that they met on Harley biker online dating websites such as biker planet, regardless of their high compatibility of personality, still end up with a failed biker relationship. In order to help the confused single Harley riders who are eager to make a positive turn in their social life, our website have assembled a few highly recommended, however, at the same time, unwritten Harley biker dating tips that would drastically optimize the their Harley biker dating experience.

1. Love life is not the center of your life.
Yes...Almost every Harley motorcycle enthusiast who is fond of Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, is also looking for a breath taking love story that can beat a drama script. However, keep in mind that you are living your life instead of a drama show. It is never a right thing to do to center heavily your daily life around your special Harley motorcycle half no matter how well you think you two will get along. This may sound weird, or even cruel but always bear in mind that only when you are an independent individual and is content with your own life, a long lasting Harley motorcycle romantic relationship full of excitement and mysterious feeling can be a possibility.

2. There is something more important than just feelings.
Way too many men and women Harley riders live in present, which is a good thing since more and more Harley Davidson motorcycle riders know how to enjoy life and make the fullest out of every moment. But this carefree Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle also becomes an obstacle that get in the way of a quality Harley motorcycle dating experience. Aside from feelings, there are more things to attach importance to, such as values on different aspects of Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. For example, Jane, a 32 old woman Harley biker who hopes to settle down and she met John, her seemingly Prince Charming on a Harley motorcycle. Two of them click very well and Jane thought he’s finally the one. However, 3 months later of their first meet, Jane found out that John is unwilling to commit and tended to have an open relationship, which totally against her own value.

3. Be yourself.
This Harley dating site and tip is probably the most crucial one yet the hardest one to not to make any mistake. Or in other words, be honest and straightforward instead of playing games to attract attention or causing dramas, which never ends well.

First Date Tips for Shy Harley Biker Men

A shy Harley man knows that dating is difficult for him. In the past, Harley motorcycle riders who are shy may always ride alone on the road and won’t attend any motorcycle events or rallies, which make it hard to meet new Harley girls to have a date. Now, with the online biker dating sites, those shy men can date single women online without meeting a strange woman face to face at the first.

However, just communicating online isn’t going to solve the problem. A face-to-face meeting is a must to keep her in your life. Don’t just worry about screwing up this potential and positive connection due to your shyness. If you really want to turn the online date into something more, you need to overcome your shyness. Here are a few biker dating tips for you to build confidence when you are on your first date with your biker lady.

Just try to think that you are evaluating her too - A lot of shy biker men will feel uncomfortable or even anxious that they can’t measure up to the standard of their biker date when they go on a first date. It is totally unnecessary to think like that. Because you are also the one who needs to judge her to see if she can measure up to your standards. Try to raise your confidence and self-esteem by thinking that the first date is also about meeting your needs. As for yourself, you just need to feel and act your best at all times, just like riding your own motorcycle on the roads. Don’t try to be the man you believe your date wants you to be. Besides, you can try to focus outward, which will immediately help you stop scrutinizing yourself.

Turn your shyness into an attractive personality - It is a fact that you are shy and there seems no quick way to change that. Of course personal exercises and self-development can help build up your confidence, but it will take much time to come to a result. If you are about to see your Harley girl who has been communicated with you online for a while, you don’t have to hide or banish your shyness. Just try to highlight it. Don’t express your shyness in an unconscious manner, which will make yourself seem awkward. On the contrary, just act shy consciously and downright play with your shyness, then this attractive personality will win your biker lady to you eventually.

Dating Tips for Harley Riders