Reviews of Top 3 Harley Davidson Dating Sites in 2016

Reviews of  Top 3 Harley Davidson Dating Sites in 2016

A Veteran Harley Woman can do anything that a Harley man can do

There is a group of ladies who are proud of their hobbies and lifestyle, which is more than about riding motorcycle with friends together or alone on the road. As a real biker woman, you should learn more about motorcycle culture such as  joining some local biker communities, customizing your personalized motorcycle, attending some local biker rallies and events, exploring some new and strange roads, experiencing various riding style and so on. It means that not only can biker women do what motorcycle men do, but they ought to do what Harley men do. After viewing hundreds of dating profile of biker women on the No.1 biker dating website, I found many biker women, who are not inferior to any rider man, have showed their specialized skills from time to time.

Mary Smith is a motorcycle enthusiast comes from Denver. She has been riding the fastest female motorcycle in the world because of the supper bike is build by her and her whole riding team. She and her team members spent nearly 5 years to build the superbike. As a result, its speed can reach 240 miles per hour which is a new record.

Judy Perewitz is a female motorcycle test pilot and own many types of motorcycle. Bonneville motorcycle is one of her favourite vehicles. Till now, would you believe, she is the first woman who is able to ride over 200 miles per hour during the 10th Annual Bonneville Speed Trials in 2014. Even more incredible is that motorcycle was rebuilt by her, too.

Maria Martin is a woman rider who graduated from Montserrat College of Art in 1997. As a professional photographer who is particular good at motorcycle photography, Maria has been woking for over 10 years in motorcycle industry. A lots of her motorcycle photos have published in ads, annual reports, and marketing materials etc. It is worth mentioning that one of her books is a comprehensive guide to keep motorcycle in good repair in last year. She also served in The Cycle Source Magazine as a photography editor.

Kim Jordan got interested in motorcycle riding by chance, so she bought her first Harley Fat Boy in 2000. She was invited to participate in the Laughlin River Run in 2003 because she is known in local motorcycle riding circles, and her life changed a lot from then on.

Monica Wilson was born in Wisconsin, she started riding as a motorcycle passenger on her dad's Honda bike when she was just 7 years old. Her biker daddy was glad that she loves motorcycle riding like her daddy. She own her motorcycle in 2006 and began to work for Mad Motorcycle Company-Mitch Bergeron Designs.

Those biker women above not only ride their own Harley, Yamaha, Honda and other types of motorcycle, but also work for the motorcycle industry. They born to ride, love to ride and ride for life. As a biker man, do you think you should show high respect for them? If you want to meet thm for friendship or relationship, you can join the motorcycle dating clubs I mentioned above.

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