Reviews of Top 3 Harley Davidson Dating Sites in 2016

Reviews of  Top 3 Harley Davidson Dating Sites in 2016

How to Ride a Harley Davidson as a true Harley girl?

Hi All Harley girls,

It is a perfect time for you to answer the call of the open road and buy the Harley you’ve always wanted. As a female Harley motorcycle enthusiast, you just know how honorable to ride a Harley on the road. Here are some basic principals for you to ride safely and comfortably.

1. Find a suitable Harley Davidson motorcycle type for yourself. There are many types of Harley and it is not easy to find one that suits a biker. You just need to ride as many as motorcycles to choose one that you can handle among them. Meanwhile, make it clear that for what purpose you want to ride a Harley. If you find the motorcycle you ride is heavy, then find a smaller one to ride. It is important for Harley bikers to find a motorcycle that they ride comfortably.  

2. Prepare to buy one. If you are an experienced biker and you have the money for a brand new Harley, just buy one. But if you are a beginning rider, then your first Harley shouldn’t cost you too much. New riders’ lack of experience will lead to lots of wrecks. So, an expensive and new Harley is just a waste of money for new bikers. An old Harley will help them practice their skills to ride well on their next new one.

3. Wear safety gear. Safety gear is the only thing that can protect motorcycle riders from the falls. Guess what happens to the skin and the body if a biker fall off the bikes. It is incredibly important for single Harley riders. It may not be convenient or cool, but bikers really need it. Every time you ride, you should wear a full-face helmet, a motorcycle jacket, and gloves. A full head-to-toe gear includes motorcycle pants and boots. You are the one who are responsible for your own life. So, wear a safety gear when you are riding out.

4. Get on your bike and start riding. Getting on from the right is the only “correct” way to get on a Harley. That’s how the professional bikers are trained. Then balance yourself by leaning carefully against the tank and place both hands on the hand grips. Feel the handlebars and the weight of the bike. Then start the engine.

5. Ride the Harley and enjoy the riding. See the beautiful views scurry in front of you. Feel the wind in your face and on your body. Hear and feel the engine roaring. Bikers, just learn to enjoy the whole riding experience on a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

6. Try to invite some biker singles on those biker dating sites.


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