Reviews of Top 3 Harley Davidson Dating Sites in 2016

Reviews of  Top 3 Harley Davidson Dating Sites in 2016

First Date Tips for Shy Harley Biker Men

A shy Harley man knows that dating is difficult for him. In the past, Harley motorcycle riders who are shy may always ride alone on the road and won’t attend any motorcycle events or rallies, which make it hard to meet new Harley girls to have a date. Now, with the online biker dating sites, those shy men can date single women online without meeting a strange woman face to face at the first.

However, just communicating online isn’t going to solve the problem. A face-to-face meeting is a must to keep her in your life. Don’t just worry about screwing up this potential and positive connection due to your shyness. If you really want to turn the online date into something more, you need to overcome your shyness. Here are a few biker dating tips for you to build confidence when you are on your first date with your biker lady.

Just try to think that you are evaluating her too - A lot of shy biker men will feel uncomfortable or even anxious that they can’t measure up to the standard of their biker date when they go on a first date. It is totally unnecessary to think like that. Because you are also the one who needs to judge her to see if she can measure up to your standards. Try to raise your confidence and self-esteem by thinking that the first date is also about meeting your needs. As for yourself, you just need to feel and act your best at all times, just like riding your own motorcycle on the roads. Don’t try to be the man you believe your date wants you to be. Besides, you can try to focus outward, which will immediately help you stop scrutinizing yourself.

Turn your shyness into an attractive personality - It is a fact that you are shy and there seems no quick way to change that. Of course personal exercises and self-development can help build up your confidence, but it will take much time to come to a result. If you are about to see your Harley girl who has been communicated with you online for a while, you don’t have to hide or banish your shyness. Just try to highlight it. Don’t express your shyness in an unconscious manner, which will make yourself seem awkward. On the contrary, just act shy consciously and downright play with your shyness, then this attractive personality will win your biker lady to you eventually.

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