Reviews of Top 3 Harley Davidson Dating Sites in 2016

Reviews of  Top 3 Harley Davidson Dating Sites in 2016

The law of attraction that a Harley biker must to know

Recently the well known biker dating website has received a letter from one of the registered single Harley rider.

Dear Harley dating service:
After I have gotten the list of matches of Harley motorcycle riders, I think I have finally found the one who is sharing the same passion for Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle as me. And luckily both of us have developed a mutual feeling for each other and have been doing motorcycle trips together. For the past few months since we met, I clearly feel that I am moving forward with this female Harley rider but then the motorcycle relationship seems to be stopping somewhere and stopped from evolving. And I can tell that the passionate love at the very initial stage is gradually fading. But we share a lot of common ground aside from riding on a Harley Davidson bike and explore the world around us. That is why by no means I will ever give up on the precious biker lady and I would love some advice from you to help me to save the feelings between us.


Here is the response below.

Dear David,
I’m glad that you have successfully found a compatible Harley motorcycle enthusiast on our online biker dating service. But in order to response to your question, please read the answer composed from an expert dating counselor specializes in Harley dating.

I noticed that you have mentioned “The One” a lot, which requires a bit more explanation. When you pose the question to a random question: “Hey, my biker dude, have you found the one yet?”. Then the answers might varies: “Yes dude! I have found the one!”, “No, I just broke up with my biker girlfriend, so she’s not the one I guess.”, “Not yet, but i believe that the one is waiting for me somewhere.”

Let’s boil down the absurd concept of the one: there is no one called “the one” but thousands of millions of biker lovers that are in search of the right Harley motorcycle partner. Dear David, it’s time to chance your idea about the only soulmate and there is always “the one” waiting for you somewhere in the world. The truth is, there isn’t. at the same time, sorry to remind a tremendous amount of Harley males and Harley females, there is no single Harley rider that is made specifically for you, but there is endless possibilities of different potential biker date who are waiting for you. If it doesn’t work out for you and your female Harley rider, don’t force it, and keep your hopes up to go on your love seeking journey. I believe one day I will receive another letter from you saying “Hey I met my biker wife called Lisa and she’s the best cook slash female motorcycle rider I have ever met.”

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