Reviews of Top 3 Harley Davidson Dating Sites in 2016

Reviews of  Top 3 Harley Davidson Dating Sites in 2016

How I Met My Biker Girlfriend on Online Biker Dating Sites

I went on dates with a bunch of random single Harley riders before, from casual hook ups to long term relationships. However, due to the fast paced life, I don’t have enough time to meet biker girls or biker guys over a cup of coffee anymore. Thus, I decided to meet a special Harley motorcycle rider on online Harley dating sites. Some male Harley riders and female Harley riders think it’s not possible to meet that special Harley motorcycle rider on free motorcycle dating websites these days, but it does happen. I met my wife, who is also a veteran biker, through, the largest online biker planet dating app. It doesn’t seem like the most romantic way to meet a compatible biker girls or biker guy though, but sometimes it is much easier and convenient that way.

It’s a cute story. And at the same time, it’s old fashioned and simple. It was on a sunny afternoon and I decided to go on online biker dating platform because of my boredom. It was just at when I expected the least from the online motorcycle dating site, the best thing happened. I actually met a compatible motorcycle girl after meeting so many incompatible motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys. no matter it is the wavy blond hair that the single Harley rider has, or the freckles that are shiny on her cheeks, or even the genuine smile that seems to be perfect for me, everything seemed to be perfect about the Harley chick.

Then I decided to send the very first message to the Harley girls on free motorcycle dating websites. Back then, I didn’t know much about the popular fine pickup lines to stand out from other like-minded man biker and women biker. Thus, I sent the most plein and dull pick-up line ever to my potential biker girlfriend: “Hey, How are you?”

And surprisingly, the stunning biker chick replied with “Great! That’s why I am planning to go for a ride, wanna join?” honestly, I was thinking this biker babe might be too straightforward to a point where some Harley motorcycle riders might take her as scam. And of course, I went for a bike riding date with the motorcycle babe because I had nothing to lose. 

And it turns out that it was best decision I would ever make. The motorcycle chick invited me to a remote valley to ride her newly bought Harley Davidson bikes. While exploring on the giant machine, we found that the Harley chick and I have a lot in common when it comes to the Harley Davidson bikes. 

Afterwards, things have gone extremely well between the male Harley rider and female Harley rider. After 2 years of dating, we have just gotten engaged and the wedding with my beloved motorcycle babe will be scheduled in the next January. 

It’s not hard to meet a compatible Harley motorcycle rider on online motorcycle dating app, what matters is an open mind. 

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